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Dental services the way it should be.

ARCS Dental Solutions is a division of ARCS Credit Systems, a leading provider of accounts receivable management, healthcare revenue recovery, and consumer service solutions. We have several years of experience connecting with consumers to resolve delinquent debts. Our customer-service-oriented approach enables us to deliver solutions to consumers while helping them maintain a positive relationship with their healthcare provider. We handle all consumers with the utmost respect and care.

At ARCS Dental Solutions, we train our collection professionals to act within legal bounds. Strictly adhering to all local, state, and federal collections laws and regulations. This way, the image or reputation of our clients will be intact during and after the recovery process. Our services include:  recovering past debts, developing recovery techniques for your business, and serving as a debt recovery consultant. 

We understand that unexpected life circumstances arise, causing well-intended consumers to become delinquent on accounts. We aim to help your patients resolve their accounts with integrity and promptly. We provide them with convenient payment options and can set up scheduled payment plans to help you stay on track with payments.

ARCS Dental Solutions offers a unique alternative to your third-party collection agency experience. Larger collection agencies focus on large-volume clients and high-dollar claims forcing you to into more significant commission rates that, in many cases, take large amounts of your patient accounts; we don’t.  ARCS Dental Solutions is in the business of helping smaller to mid-size companies with similar practices.  We will work in tandem as an extension of your dental practice’s front office to ensure courteous professional revenue recovery.

We understand dental practices, and some of our staff have worked in dental practices, so we know your businesses and your unique challenges.  ARCS Dental provides consistent, professional, HIPPA-compliant collection activity, timely reporting, and follow-up. You can speak directly with me when you have a question or concern. I aim to forge a "personal" long-term relationship with you and your dental practice.

Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, all employees and representatives are United States based. We also have offices in Dallas, Texas, and metro Atlanta, Georgia.

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